A Complete Guide to Photography by Ramit Batra

Take your photography to the next level with this 4 week course
designed to help you master the technique of photography

Course Begins 13th September 2020


Live Mentoring Sessions

Weekly live mentoring sessions with the mentor & limited peer group to learn from anywhere

Assignment reviews

Weekly assignment submissions, reviewed in depth, help establish your learning with expert guidance

Hands-on approach

Questions answered real time in the exclusive discussion forum in addition to weekly video lessons


On successful completion of this 4 week course, you will be Certified in Professional Photography

Master the Manual Mode, Capture the perfect Light, Get expertise in various techniques of photography and Learn the Art of Post Production 


Rs. 30,000 (limited seats)


Week 1
The Tools & Technique

  • Exposure - Aperture & Depth of Field, Shutter Speed, ISO
  • Composition Techniques
  • Photography Elements
  • Optics
  • Camera Anatomy & Settings, Camera Sensor, DSLR vs Mirrorless
  • Metering - Camera Light Meter, Metering Modes
  • From Auto to Manual
  • Exposure Modes, Dynamic Range
  • RAW vs JPEG, Resolution
  • Viewfinder Focus
  • Different types of Cameras - Phone, 360, Sport


Week 2
Capturing Light

  • White Balance
  • Colour Theory
  • Temperature Scale
  • Colour Profiles
  • Custom WB & Symbols
  • Natural Lighting
  • Camera Flash
  • External Flash
  • Off Camera Flash
  • 3-point Lighting
  • HDR
  • Histogram




Week 3
Specialised Techniques

  • Long Exposure Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Low Light Photography
  • Sport/Action Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Architecture & Interiors
  • Events & Weddings
  • Wildlife
  • Time-lapse
  • Aerial & Drones
  • Travel Photography
  • Family Portraits
  • Getting Better at Mobile Photography
  • Best Suited Equipment for each genre

Week 4
Post Production

  • Storage & Transfer - Best practices, Structuring Data in Hard drives
  • Choosing the right Photo Editor
  • Editing in Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC
  • Black & Whites
  • Sharpening, Noise Reduction
  • Tone Curve, Styling Pictures
  • Adding your watermark
  • Making Presets & Actions
  • Preparing for Print
  • Editing in Mobile Apps
  • Exporting & Saving for Social Media
  • Making your Portfolio



Take better photographs in all genres of photography from Street to Weddings, Travel, Wildlife, HDR & Long Exposure Astro-photography

All for Rs. 30,000 (limited seats)

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About the Mentor, RAMIT BATRA

Ramit Batra is Travel, Lifestyle & Destination Wedding photographer based out of New Delhi, India with over 12 years of experience as a Professional Photographer. Ramit is a Mechanical Engineer, who went on to work with Fabindia, UTV as an Assistant Director, Frameboxx, before starting on his own.

Ramit captured over 500 weddings across the globe. Always a content creator & educator, Ramit was nominated as the Most Influential Photographer in India (Asian Photography Magazine), a the prestigious #7 spot - for Travel & Wedding Photography Blogs in the World (Feedspot) and has received several Awards. His work has been featured on - Bride & Groom (Oman), Times of India, Crest, HT, and prominent blogs like - South Asian Bride, WeddingSutra, KhushMag (UK), Wedwise, Shaadisaga etc.

For professional photographers feeling a burn-out, level up and get back in business with full power


Rs. 30,000 (limited seats)

Got questions or need help enrolling? Email us  

Sanchi Kathpal
22, Agra
Analyst at a Consulting Firm


"It's said if you want to make good work, you need to make a lot of it. I've been following his work for years now and when I had a chance to attend the course, well ofcourse I was, first in line there. Who would want to miss a chance like this? I had no idea of how to use a camera other than the one we have on our phones. But after the photography course, one thing for sure - every minute was worthwhile. The course was very comprehensive and detailed, suitable to beginners like me. He was very helpful and calm while answering all our doubts. The techniques were very well explained."

Jagdeep Singh
24, Ludhiana 
Professional Wedding Photographer


"It was a great opportunity to attend online workshop by you recently. The way you explain the minute details and makie things easy to understand is an art you have mastered.

The workshop added to my knowledge - in the details of lighting and other photography aspects. I am sure I would be able to effectively put these lessons to use in my work ahead. Lastly but not the least, ofcourse I would be eager to get enrolled in more of such workshops in the future."

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